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Jack Be Nimble Films is the business imprint of motion graphics specialist Jack Durnin.


Durnin is a freelance videographer and special effects editor with fifteen years of experience in filmmaking and digital design.  His work includes promotional videos for small businesses, music videos, weddings, short films and animation.


He offers a broad range of technical expertise, and is known for the high level of creativity he brings to each project.


His work includes special effects for the award-winning anti-bullying web series, How to Un-make a Bully.


Durnin holds degrees in both Media Arts and Mechanical Engineering from the University at Buffalo, where he graduated with honors in 2009. 


As a student filmmaker, Durnin received numerous awards, including Best Animation at the People's Pixel Project and Best Student Film at the Brantford Film Festival in 2010.


He is currently based in Charleston, SC.










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